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From CFO to Data Entry: A Fully Motivated, Outsourced Finance Department That You Don't Have to Manage for Much Less Than Staffing Up in-House

At VenturePack, we understand the unique financial challenges that come with the transition to mid-size. Our management team has a proven track record of managing the financial vitality of high-growth companies. Our CFO experience runs the gamut on issues impacting every possible industry model.

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We know that for companies with established infrastructure, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. VenturePack digs deep into strategy and tax effects to design and execute the best solutions for maximum valuation without compromising your vision. Our client analysis takes into consideration systems, people, accountability, approval process, momentum, bandwidth, foundation for growth, motivation, and more. We utilize analytics, key performance indicators, and market knowledge, so you know how your company looks to lenders, auditors, and investors. Our focused accounting and analytics create solid strategies our client companies implement year-round. In our history, we've learned some things the hard way: we offer you that hard-won knowledge, so you won't have to.

  • A happy, motivated, experienced accounting team
  • An outsourced CFO running your team
  • Establishing a full benefits program
  • Acquisition support
  • Supporting new divisions or locations
  • Pricing restructure
  • Margin and overhead rate tracking to inform spending
  • Audit support
  • Recapitalization support
  • Transaction and special project support when needed
  • Pay only for the hours you need
  • Professional reporting packages investors, lenders, and your board will appreciate
  • Manage lending relationships and borrowing base certificates
  • Tax strategy and planning throughout the year
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation Management
  • Budget forecasts and automated comparisons
  • Commission reports handled
  • Accounts payable (cash requirements and tracking, 1099 vendor management, direct deposit)
  • Accounts receivable (management, invoicing, statements on overdue accounts)
  • Meaningful analytics
  • Financial dashboards
  • Management snapshots
  • Systems maximization
  • Access VenturePack's solid network of preferred providers for legal, HR, IT, M&A, marketing and design services
  • Systems conversion support

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